Cant believe, its December.

The first 2 weeks of the month, we had  exam period here. I cant believe, the semester is over and we will go home soon. After my last exam, I met with my thai buddy and went for a day trip. It was awesome. I only  have a week left and I decided to visit my favorite places for the last time. Drink a lot of coconut, visit my favorite beaches and see these beautiful sunsets.


In the middle of November, Thai students and I helped to Colin to prepare for the World Aids Day in uni. We met in the afternoon and made red ribbons for the day. These ribbons were shared out in Patong. I think, it is  great , that we have a chance to give something back to the locals. We have a lot of free time here, so it is nice to do something useful. At night, we went back to the university because it was a festival day. We took part in Loi Krathong. This festival is on the evening of the full moon on the 12th month in the traditional thai calendar. We made hand-made krathong together . The basket has to be floated on water, so we went to the lake at night. It was a great program, I really enjoyed it. Thai students were really nice and helpful. They were waiting us with food and drinks and they also helped us to make our basket. According to the tradition, it is about  paying  respect to the Goddess of the Water showing their gratitude on their plentiful use of water and ask for forgiveness in the ensuing pollution.

In November, we also haibd our event, the international breakfast and exhibition. I had the subject Convention and Event Management, where we had to organize this event. So the first 2 weeks in November we were really busy with preparing everything for the day. Luckily, it was really successful. We had many guests , delicious food, great programs and we got a lot of positive feedback.  We also had a chance to meet with the Indonesian Embassy, they were really helpful and nice to us.

We spent almost every weekend at the market, because we wanted to buy christmas presents for our family and the food is still delicious there. I just visited 2 markets here so I wanted to see the others as well. The weather was great in this month, so we went to the beach a lot. I really like Nai Harn and Rawaii so I usually go to there. The first part of the month we went to Bangla a few times, because we knew exams are coming soon, so we wanted to make the best of the leftover free time. I also had a lot of dinner date, cuz I wanted to try more places and food before I leave the island.

In this month, we also organized a birthday party in Kamala to a bunch of kids. These children have really bad family background so they were beyond happy to have this awesome day with us.It was one of my favorite program ever. They  were really active and grateful. We spent 4 hours to 11221707_10153819505379367_7103914022646021318_nthem on the beach. We had many programs there and before we left, they got lunch and cake. It was really a great experience to us as well.


Kathu has its amazing waterfall and Budha viewpoint but we never visited these places so the last week we had a trip and made it up. Close to  waterfall , there is a gym I always wanted to look at. The weather was great- as always and I was really surprised when we arrived there. The environment was beautiful and it is just 15 minutes from our place by scooter. Since thn I was there many times. Unfortunately we missed the sunset at the Budha’s place what is crazy because we were there at 17 :50! But we saw elephants and monkeys, drank coconut and had an amazing view from the top. So cant wait to go back and finally see the sunset 😀 Tomorrow we will visit a beach on the North, I hope it wont be raining!


Vegetarian madness

So finally its October and we had a chance to go to the Vegetarian Festival. I was really excited about it, because Ive never had a chance to experience something like this. I was there 3 times: on the first-and last day and of course we visited the parade as well. It was the craziest festival I have ever been to .On the first day I went to there with some of my thai classmates. We could mainly eat on that day and see the festival’s decorations. The last 2 days I was there with international students. The interesting thing is the parade was in the morning so we met at 7 in school and spent our forenoon there. It is impossible to tell, what was going on there  so I decided to share more pictures of it!

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

First time in my life I realised what culture shock looks like. It was amazing but after 1-2 hours I wanted to go home, because I was a bit fed up with firecrackers, it was unbelievably warm and the smoke was huge. I dont really understand why people have to hurt themselves because of their God but they have different religion and we have to accept it.

The last few weeks were great but pretty common. I usually have a lot of free time what was really weird, when I arrived to Phuket. But I think I dont have to say, it is easy to get used to it. During the week – if the weather is good – I usually chill at the pool or go to the beach, go out to eat, see the sunset and party with the others. I love weekends, because of the weekend market. Im almost there every week. To tell the truth, I dont really like markets, but these are great! I tried most of the local food and visited a lot of local places. I met with my thai buddy many times and met with other thai students after school. They showed a lot of local places and I loved all of it. We had many visitors in this month ( friends and families ) so we had a lot of programs together. We had many birthdays as well.

We had our midterm exams the last week. It was more difficult as we expected but at least its done. I am kinda used to the animal noises at night but still so funny to hear them. Sometimes you cant decide what kinda animal it can be, but maybe it is better that we never see them 😀 I have insect phobia so living in Thailand is a big challenge to me 😀 But its not as bad as I expected when I moved to here. We had a lot of rain the last few weeks but after 2 month you do not care anymore. We have raincoats, the weather is always hot so we will not give up on our plans anymore, if its raining.

Our next trip will be to Promthep cape viewpoint. It is not that far from Kathu and truly amazing. The vegetarian festival just started a few days ago. I was there yesterday with thai students and cannot wait the parade the next week.

My favorite thai coconut pudding
the way back home from Phuket town
4Vegetarian festival

5 7 8 91011

Being sick in Thailand is everything but fun

Actually I feel great. however I am fighting with an eye virus since the first day of September so I have to chill a lot. Chilling is not my cup of tea. I love being busy and taking part in everything.  But there are two things in my mind about my current situation: firstly, it could be much worse and secondly we always have to make the best out of everything. So lets start it from the beginning:

I have a really rare eye virus ( its as rare as I am the 2nd patient with this problem in Thailand :D) Noone knows how could i get it, but I am really lucky cuz I get a really good treatment here. Phuket has many hospitals here, but I chose the Bankok Hospital because they have  great eye specialists. I am perfectly fine just I have to be patient. I am famous for being really unpatient so maybe it is time to learn this quality 😀 I cannot wait to start Muay Thai and go out with the others but ” Good things come to those, who wait”, right?

Siamvip-Com-8-7-2558-12-08-27-Bangkok phuket hospital
Our hospital- its beautiful inside and out, doctors are really nice and they have the newest medical technology

At least I had many times to do things I would never try normally. For example driving 😀 I do not have a driving license so I did not have a scooter either. I was a bit afraid of driving but I realised it is really easy and essential here in Phuket so I rented one the last week. You can get a thai driving licence really fast on a really cheap price, so you do not have to worry about it. If you do not feel safe on it, you can practise around the university and my classmates were also really nice, and practised with me for the first time. If you can ride a bike, thn you probably can drive a scooter as well. I enjoy it more and more day to day and you can easily discover new places by scooter.

anyuka kep
With my brand new helmet and the uniform ( I miss the belt on the picture)


Thanks for the buddy program, I got a really sweet thai friend. She is younger than me, but really nice and helpful, I think this program is a really good idea, you can learn more about their culture like this and you can see the world on different aspects. I have never had thai friend before and I am really happy to have one. In the university you can play/ watch different sport activities at night. The weather is great around 8 o’clock and you can spend some precious time with your new friends. The next week I will go to watch a basketball match with her and probably I will meet with her friends as well. If you are in Asia, I strongly recommend you to speak/meet local people because I am sure, you will have lots of fun with them and they will definitely bright your day. I really like that they can appreciate little things in life and people show more attention to each other than in Europe. I also really like walking on the university street because there are several places, where we can eat and meet with local people. Thai food is really tasty but nowadays I an on  a “rice break” 😀

I usually eat :

Pad thai
Pad thai
fried chicken with cashew nuts
chicken satay with peanut sauce

I love everything with coconut and my favorite salad is the mango salad by far. Sometimes I eat curry as well . I usually drink iced coffee and fruit shakes. I am sure the best shakes are here in Thailand !

Finally I went to the big weekend market a few days ago with my classmates. I really loved that place, you can find everything there, and try many food as well. I ate insects for the first time ( I never want to eat it again but I definitely wanted to try it 😀 ) especially because I have an insect phobia:D We had a lot of fun there, and I am sure I will be there every week. I will take more pictures of the market next time, but I was really busy with enjoying my first time there:Deyyyy

University is quite easy for me, I only have to go to there 3 times a week. I am studying HRM, Thai language, Convention and event management and Principles of economic. Thai language is quite difficult but I love it, because its unique and really different to other languages I learnt before. Our teacher is the sweetest Thai teacher I know so going to her class is better fun than duty for me.

In November we will organize a huge birthday party for a bunch of kids. I am happily volunteered to the program because I love kids and I think it is  really generous and great thing from the university.

IMG_20150901_141642   IMG_20150912_123501 (1)IMG_20150913_172405 (1)IMG_20150918_135424

Cant wait the next week because probably I can start Muay thai in Rawai . We are also planning to go wakeboarding and we are addicted to sunsets, especially here in Thailand so its always a weekly program for us . We have more than 30 beaches here as well, so there is a lot to discover! 

Sincerely: Judit

Malaysia with Barb :)

I have a friend here, who came from Czech Republic. She was a student in the last semester but she wanted to stay a bit more so we had a chance to meet. She will go home the next week so we decided to combine work with pleasure, make a visa run and have a short holiday in Malaysia.

At first we went to Kuala Lumpur for 3 days and after it we travelled to Malacca and spent the weekend there. If you want to go to Malaysia, I strongly recommend you to read a bit about their country before you travel there. They are mainly muslims and we were a bit surprised on their reaction when they saw us in shorts and summer tops. For them, it is inappropriate so our first thing was buy some clothes we can wear in the shopping mall. Kuala Lumpur is not the main holiday destination for international students but it is really close to Thailand, so it is definitely the best place for visa run.

I think 3-5 days are enough there. I would not stay more, but I really liked being there. We saw the 1483 ft high Petronas- twin towers. The gate between the bridge  symbolises a gateway to the future and provides a stunning vantage point of Kuala Lumpur. You should definitely go to there at night, because with the lights it looks amazing! There is a skybar at the top so if you can save more money, than we did (:D), I definitely recommend you to go to there. I am sure it would be a unique experience. There is a hotel really close to the towers. It is really fancy, but you can try their menu for a really good price. It contains 5 types of traditional food and it was the best meal we ate in KL. We also visited the Batu Caves. It is a 400 million year old hill and my favorite attraction in KL by far. These places are amazing, you should definitely visit them, if you are there. The weather was really hot, so be prepared and take some water with you! We also went for the city bus tour. It is a 3 hours of tour and you can see everything from the city. We went to there ont he second day, after a really long day( and especially long night in Bukit bitang:D) and to tell the truth it was one of our best idea ever. The traffic is horrible, so taxi is not recommended. Trains are super cheap and really fast. We went to China town as well but I did not like it as much as people usually do . Back to Bukit Bitang the nightlife is amazing there, this is a long party street with a lot of bars so you will definitely find a place you like there . It is free for girls and we also had a lot of discounts.

After Kuala Lumpur we went to Malacca what is 160 km from KL. I really liked this place, there is a lot to see and the athmosphere is amazing. Malay people are really nice and helpful and we found a lot of great place to eat. Their english is also really good, so you will not have any problems with it. This place is similar to Greece and Croatia, it was a great surprise for me. They have amazing buildings and city center, and its definitely worth to take a walk around the city. I liked this place better than to KL but I am happy we went to there as well. They have an amazing night market in the weekend, we tried a lot of food there and bought some presents to our family.

Some useful information:

  1. Dont change your money at the airport
  2. Negotiate with the taxi drivers before you get in
  3. Always take some water with you
  4. No singlets and shorts
  5. Be prepared, muslim people not always have the product we (europeans) want to use
  6. Use trip adviser, if you would like to find a great place to eat
  7. Respect their culture

In my next article you can read more about local food in Thailand and thai people

Sincerely: Judit

Orientation week

It was my 3rd orientation week in my life but I have to tell, it was the best one so far. Everyone knows, orientation weeks are manily about boring welcome speeches followed by ice breaking parties but we had a very exciting program for the whole week. In the end of it, we went to Koh Phi Phi, which was an amazing experience. Not mentioning the athmosphere of the island and their amazing bars and clubs on the beach.

11811333_398085553724592_579702601423593800_nOn Monday we went to Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort, where we registrated 11811533_10153561711919367_1269890523190578821_nourselves and met with our teachers. Welcome speeches were short and funny, everyone was really friendly and welcoming. We enjoyed a delicious lunch and the plan after that was to go to the beach and do some team building activities. Unfortunately it was raining, but we stay in the hotel and had a lot of fun anaway. In the end of the day we were really tired and couldnt wait to arrive home and sleep.

The next day we bought our uniforms and accessories which turn out to be pretty funny. I have never worn skirts before, so it was a big change for me. Luckily, after 30 minutes, everybody had his own uniform so we could go grab something to eat and do a little bit of exploring around Phuket town. After it I had to go home, because I had to prepare for my exam on my Danish university. The others went for a campus tour where they were shown the university and its surrounding. On Wednesday, we registered for our courses and had social and cultural activities. In the break, we ate together and simply enjoyed the fact, we are in Thailand. Thursday was my favorite day. We had a thai course, what was really funny. I studied russian before and I thought, I wont find more difficult language than russian. I was totally wrong. But I would like to learn the basic Thai because thai people are really grateful if you can speak at least a little bit their language.

1506677_398825163650631_1631622857808558797_n After the course we went to Asia Centre Foundation and met with a bunch of wonderful kids who were orphans. We got a chance to play with them and all the kids were very happy. It was amazing exerience. In the end of our visit, they sang to us and English song, some of us started to cry , it was really a great moment for all of us. On Friday we went to Phi Phi and stayed there till Sunday. After the week I felt I really need a break, however we didnt start the school yet. We partied a lot there, and went to see the viewpoint , which was one of the most beautiful viewpoints, Ive ever seen. It was also on my list, so finally I could tick it from it.

The beautiful viewpoint in Koh Phi Phi
Bangla night
First night on the island

Phuket life in July

I arrived to  Thailand  2 weeks before the Orientation week started so I booked a hotel in Patong and lived there for 2 weeks. One of my classmate arrived a few days later so we shared the accomodation. I have never been to Asia so everything was really new to me, especially the traffic and food. I have never seen as much vehicles as here in my life and never eaten as much rice as here. We spent our first weeks with exploring beaches and asian food. This area is really touristy, so its more expensive than Kathu or Phuket town . Bangla road is the main attraction what made Patong Beach famous. The nighlife is amazing there and you can enjoy it Monday to Sunday. New students arrived day to day so we had many programs with them, fortunately Lara, my sweet flatmate is also arrived in July. The 1st of August we moved in to Delight Village, what is really close to the university. We have our own pool, what is really neccessarry to have in this weather.

11209724_396068020593012_2662784693145854188_n  First beach time with Lara and Angelina. It was really warm but the beach was beautiful and we had a really chill and lovely day. Since I know my mind, I work and study at the same time so after this lifestyle the island life was even better than I imagined before.11787477_10206734249091918_452127041_n

My favorite russian restaurant in Patong. Their chicken satay is the best I have ever tried in Thailand !

This is our wonderful apartmant
and the pool
Close to the Freedom Beach
City tour

Before the orientation week started, Lara and I organised a party where we met with the others and with Colin, who is responsible for international students. The first 2 weeks went by really fast and we were ready to start the school.

August was one of my busiest month in my life. We had the orientation week on the first week and at the end of the week we went to Koh Phi Phi. After the orientation week we started school but at the same time I had leftover exams from Denmark so I had 2 weeks of exam period. After it we went to Malaysia for 5 days, I had to finish my internship applications and we had many school programs and parties at the same time. In my next blog, I will tell you more about the orientation week and the university life and share some Malaysian experiences!

Sincerely: Judit

Hello world!

Hello everyone !!! 

At first I would like to welcome you on my page. Its Judit here, a 25 yo. “forever student ” hungarian. Since I know my mind, I am interested in travelling, sports and living life to the fullest. I lived in UK, USA, Spain and Denmark before and made many working,  studying and life experiences. 

Last year I won the asia exchange scholarship ) so I had a chance to move to Phuket in July. This blog is about experiences I will gain  in the next few month.
 I  am on a sport management faculty in Nykobing Falster, Denmark. After the 4th semester we have a chance to go abroad as an erasmus student/free mover. I have already been an erasmus student a few years ago so I was not really excited about it. My plan was finding a place, where I can make life changing experiences, and challange myself. I wanted to experience something really different and learn about different cultures. I read a lot about my possibilities as a student, this is how I found the asia exchange program.
After a month, I can tell, this is exactly the life I wanted to live and I have already made many experiences, took part in great activities and travelled a bit and I am really excited  there is a lot more waiting for me in the next few month.